About Us

About Myself
My name is Irfan, I belong to the small city Taxila of Pakistan. I am 25 years old. I am a mobile phone technician and software expert. I specialized in the mobile phone software. I love to share my knowledge, solutions, tips, and tricks regarding mobile phones (Feature Phones & Smart Phones)

My Struggle
Basically, I have graduated in Computer Science. Due to a lack of financial circumstances, I could not study further. So after completing my graduation, I started training in mobile software repairing. I have my own shop named GSM Mobile, where I solve mobile phone software problems. 

Blogging My Passion
I am also very much interested in blogging. I wanted to share my experience with others so I have made my own website. I post solutions to those problems that are tested by me. So other people can also take benefit from my work and experience. All flashing files, tools and tutorials are tested by me. In addition, if you need help regarding your phone, you can contact me through the Contact Us page.


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