E5573Cs-322 ZONG Modem Unlock File 100% Tested

Download Required Files For Unlocking

Modem USB Drivers

How to unlock E5573Cs-322?

  1. Install USB Drivers, Power ON Modem, and Connect to PC.
  2. Run DC-Unlocker, Click on the search button, Device info must show in DC-Unlocker.
  3. Type at^godload and press Enter key, the device will reboot in download mode.
  4. Run Unlock_File and wait while the unlocking process is completed.
  5. When the process is completed device will reboot automatically, Click the search button in DC-Unlocker.
  6. Now repair IMEI by pasting the at^NVWREX=0,0,16, 03 05 05 03 08 03 01 00 00 01 04 02 08 02 03 00 commands.
  7. This firmware is only works on these versions (21.327.62.00.1460, 21.327.62.00.1456, 21.328.01.00.00, 21.328.62.00.1456, 21.328.62.00.1460, 21.329.64.00.1456, 21.333.64.00.1456, 21.333.64.01.1456, 21.333.64.02.1456). After flashing this unlocking file, you can use all network SIMs in E5573Cs-322. This unlock file is 100% tested by infinityrom.com. Do not flash this file on other devices except supported models. We are not responsible for any damage caused to your device.

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