Telenor Infinity E5 PRO MT6761 FRP Unlock File With SP Flash Tool 100% Tested

FRP means Factory Reset Protection, FRP is the latest security feature on Android phones. When you factory reset, your phone asks for a google account that was previously synced on your phone. No other person can use your phone easily after resetting it unless he remembers your google account.
Inside this post, you will learn how to remove or reset the FRP lock on the Telenor Condor Infinity E5 Pro smartphone that has a MediaTek processor, Android 9.0, and removable battery. Note that this method is 100 percent tested by me on Telenor Infinity E5 Pro. Kindly read the instructions and apply them carefully. Before starting the procedure, you will need to download the following stuff.

Pre-Requirements To Remove FRP Lock Telenor Infinity E5 Pro

Begin Address = 0x3888000
Format Length = 0x100000

Telenor Infinity E5 PRO Firmware Info

Patch Level    : PPR1.180610.011
Display ID     : T3SA22A.FUX.HB.HD.T1.0224.V3.05
Ver. CodeName  : REL
Ver. Release   : 9
Sec. Patch     : 2020-03-05
Build Time     : 1582535008
Product Model  : Infinity e5 pro
Product Brand  : Condor
Product Name   : Infinity_E5_Pro
Product Device : Infinity_E5_Pro
Product Board  : PRIZE_BOARD
Product Manfct : SPA Condor Electronics
Product Info   : Infinity_E5_Pro
Product Board  : PRIZE_BOARD
Board Platform : mt6761
Display ID     : T3SA22A.FUX.HB.HD.T1.0224.V3.05

How To Reset Telenor Infinity E5 PRO By Using SP Flash Tool?

  1. Download and install MTK (MediaTek) USB Drivers on your PC (Skip this step if already installed).
  2. Extract and open SP Flash Tool on your PC.
  3. Within SP flash Tool, Go to Download Tab and select Download-Agent and Scatter-Loading File.
  4. Now go to Format Tab and select Manual Format Flash option, put Begin Address and Format Length as shown as in the screenshot.
  5. Now click on the Start button, Connect phone with PC via USB data cable (Phone Should be power OFF), When Format OK box appears then disconnect the phone. Now FRP removed done.
Note: This method is 100% working and tested by me. Do not try this method on other phones. Kindly read above instructions carefully. is  not responsible for any damage caused to your phone.

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